Hotel WiFi, it's a game changer

The days when hotel Wi-Fi just connected travellers to the Internet are going away. Now it can be part of a system that helps give guests more personalised service – if they don’t mind the hotel tracking their location on the property. The new MR30H access point from Cisco’s Meraki division will work with Bluetooth beacons – small wireless location devices that stores and other businesses are starting to use so they can tell where people are. The benefits, as long as guests are willing to opt in, could include things like having an attendant walk up and offer a drink or a towel as you go out to the pool, thanks to your frequent-guest status. The new APs won’t do that tracking directly, but t

The 26 year old IoT toaster

You might be mistaken for thinking that the Internet of Things is a relatively new concept. After all the majority of UK home consumers as of 2016 have no smart devices in their homes apart from a TV and possibly a games console. Other WiFi and LAN enabled devices such as energy thermostats, cameras and lightbulbs are being adopted, albeit at a slower rate. However, all owe their existence to a Sunbeam Deluxe Automatic Radiant Control Toaster. The toaster stole the show at the 1990 Interop in the US. It used SNMP to either turn the toaster on or off. The following year a Smart Crane was included to load the bread! Needless to say, 20 odd years later we would all like a fully automated smart

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