Purple features 

Purple customers have access to a wealth of intuitive features which fall into three key areas: Access, Analyse and Action.


Multilingual – We have already translated our product into 24 different languages, with many more on our roadmap being released soon. Translated areas include all customer facing login screens, landing pages and the back­end administration system, the Purple Portal.

Social WiFi – Customers expect a quick and simple process when they log in and they get this with Social WiFi. Purple’s innovative Social WiFi provision allows smooth integration of WiFi access to social networking for enhanced user engagement. Purple gives your customers the choice of how they want to log in to the WiFi; either through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, or by filling out a short form. We also provide social login through Weibo (China) and VKontakte (Russia).

Bandwidth Management – With Purple’s tiered bandwidth features you can bill guests for their use of the WiFi after a period of free time, or bill them for superior bandwidth. We can support billing customers in US dollars, British Pound, Euro, Canadian dollars and Australian dollars. Within the Purple portal you can quickly and easily manage the block of paid time or uncapped speed you want to offer, and the price you charge.

WiFi Security and Legal – There are a number of implications when you provide public WiFi, so it’s reassuring to know that we offer our product in line with all relevant legislation. Secure public WiFi means that your customers can enjoy safe browsing and your own private network will be protected.

Content Filtering – For any public venue that provides WiFi to guests, there is a risk that consumers could access content which isn’t family-friendly. We partner with Open DNS to provide content filtering and our service blocks IWF blacklisted URLs.


WiFi Analytics – Purple provides you with rich analytics about customer’s behaviour in physical spaces. Similar to web analytics, Purple captures footfall, passers-by, conversion and bounce rates, dwell times, return visits and frequency; a snapshot of what you need to know, to understand your venues.

Presence Analytics – This technology allows venues to gauge footfall by identifying the number of devices in store, even if they are not logged in to the WiFi. It also tells the venue how many times a device (and therefore a customer) has visited the store and their dwell time.

Location Analytics – We include RSSI data in our system, allowing venues to see the detail of people’s pathways through the store, their entry and exit points. The insights gained allow venue owners to make decisions based on this data. For example, the position of sales displays can be adjusted when a common pathway through the store is identified.

WiBeacons – Purple WiBeacon sensors represent a breakthrough in location technology. They provide a cost-effective, viable alternative to Bluetooth location technology. Not only does a WiBeacon infrastructure enable accurate location information, the sensors can be powered over USB or PoE so no swapping out batteries.

API – The API facilitates daily tasks like automating provisioning for new venues, hardware and other administrative elements or wholesale pulling back of data into back end systems such as CRM, ERP, Loyalty and BI. Your existing data can be enriched by the wealth of additional intelligence you will have about your customers and venues with Purple.


WiFi Marketing – The portal’s array of marketing tools allow you to monitor activity and promote your business. You can choose to customize the offline and online splash page with your branding and advertising. Using this combined with analytics and unique e-shots will enable you to target your audience effectively.

LogicFlow – LogicFlow is Purple’s easy to use interface which comprises of drag and drop technology and the setting of actions. Whether you need an action to track valuable assets, people, weather conditions or customer behaviour, for creating hyper relevant communications, we’ve got it covered.

Reviews – In business, the only critic worth listening to is your customer. So if they give you great reviews, this often makes a huge impact on your bottom line. Switch on Purple’s new review feature and your business now has to the capability to receive reviews from your customers through industry leading review sites.


The Purple solution can be tailored to function across a variety of different sectors. The product offers a range of benefits depending on the industry and the type of venue where it is implemented.

Smart Wireless currently work with businesses in the following sectors: retail and leisure, hospitality, health and education, travel and transport, public sector and commercial, Smart Cities, telecoms and marketing.

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