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Client location services allow administrators to accurately locate wireless clients quickly and easily on a custom floor plan or map without requiring any additional hardware, software or licenses. Non-WiFi clients can also be tracked with enterprise networks in conjunction with 3rd party asset tag tracking solutions from WLAN vendor technology partners such as Ekahau Real-Time Location Services and Aeroscout.


Key Benefits:

  • Uses existing wireless LAN infrastructure – no new hardware or software

  • Built-in Maps and custom floor plan support

  • No configuration, setup or training required

  • Scales to tens of thousands of clients per network

  • Integrates with 3rd party asset tag tracking solutions

Location is critical 

Knowing the physical location of mobile assets saves valuable time and money in many environments. In healthcare organisations, costly medical equipment must be tracked down to serve patients and for maintenance.


In retail environments, handheld scanners can easily be misplaced, and in offices and classrooms, laptops and iPhones go missing all too frequently. In addition, detailed knowledge of client location can be invaluable to helpdesk personnel for troubleshooting client issues.

Power Visualisation Tool

Client Location Services allows administrators to locate wireless clients quickly and easily, using existing wireless LAN infrastructure. With Client Location Services, administrators can view the location of wireless clients on a custom floor plan or map. Additionally,


Client Location Services includes Map integration for tracking clients in campus or outdoor deployments – administrators can view clients on map, satellite, or hybrid views via a simple toggle.

Advanced Triangulation Algorithms

Wireless LANs can also also integrate with 3rd party RealTime Location Services (RTLS) solutions from technology partners such as Ekahau to enable tracking of non-WiFi assets such as golf carts, hospital beds, and heavy machinery using asset tags.

Asset Tag Tracking

Client Location Services operates by intelligently triangulating client location using the signal strength of multiple access points that “see” the client. Location can be determined with as few as three access points, making Client Location Services equally suited to small branches and large campuses. Advanced triangulation techniques employ calibrated weighted averages and AP selection algorithms to ensure accuracy.

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