Do you earn revenue from your guest WiFi?

Purple WiFi, now with free trial*

Purple is an intelligent platform for physical spaces. Combining social engagement,marketing tools,data interrogation and location analytics to help businesses gain digital insights into real-time data and create a highly personalised experience for customers in their venues.

Purple’s “WiFi” product is for businesses who want to monetise their guest WiFi while at the same time better understand their customers. Purple WiFi seamlessly connects guests to the internet through social media login or a form.

Your business benefits immediately from real time analytical insights, customer behaviour within the venue, plus an array of marketing tools to send targeted customers communications.

  • Personalise your WiFi login with social media

  • Create templated or dynamic html branded splash pages

  • Turn on/off tiered bandwidth chargers for WiFi usage

  • Apply content filtering

  • Send real-time promotions to customers

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WiFi for bars, restaurants and cafes

Bars and restaurants are the perfect venues to offer free WiFi. Giving guests a free internet connection means they cannot only check their emails but also update their social media status, which generates more brand awareness for the venue. As they share information about where they are on their social networks, their friends and followers are able to easily find them and hopefully join them for some food and drink.

Reward return visits

By adding Purple into the mix, the venue can see who is visiting and how often. This valuable information means the venue can target their customers with relevant promotions, menu updates and event information – even inviting them to enjoy a bottle of wine on the house on their birthday.

For larger, multi venue businesses, third party advertising can also be incorporated into the Purple offering, which can present its own revenue stream as drinks promoters battle to offer exclusive promotions for limited periods of time.

Giving value to customers

By becoming one of the many restaurants that offer free WiFi there is the added benefit of enabling customers to book a table in the restaurant and even order their own meal online from the comfort of the bar–a trend that is emerging in city centres.

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