Introducing Eco WiFi

As part our commitment to sustainability within the IT industry, Smart Wireless have created an Eco WiFi solution which will help reduce waste, provide cost savings, and monitor your environment. The key elements of this solution can be easily deployed and will return immediate benefits. Once the hardware reaches end of life, we will recycle it for you via Cisco’s circular economy program. Smart Wireless are proud to be an Environmental Sustainability Partner

Cisco Circular Economy

Designed to minimise waste and maximise the value of resources by keeping products, components, and materials in use for a long as possible.

Managed Enterprise WiFi

Smart Wireless provides a fully managed enterprise grade Cisco Meraki WiFi network, including all the components needed to connect to the internet.

Power Savings

Allows you to schedule the WiFi AP power to be switched/off when the system is not in use, lowering your power consumption.

Smart Sensors

These sensors record data including air quality, noise, temperature, humidity, and CO2 together with leak detention and door access.

Easy Payment Terms

Smart Wireless with Cisco can offer various payment options spread over 36-60 months. Let me know if you are happy with this or have other suggestions for content.

Smart Wireless, are proud to have been awarded Cisco Partners In Sustainability. Click below to find out how this can help you.

We can help you with :

Wifi Surveys

Onsite and desktop Ekahau Pro Service

Network Support

Helpdesk and remote monitoring

Wifi Installation

Full lifecycle project ownership

Wifi Consulting

Our expertise at your disposal

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The sectors we operate in:

We are the Wifi experts working in these areas…

  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Events
  • Education
  • Marinas
  • Accomodation

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Smart Wireless?
Smart Wireless was founded on the premise that perfect Wi-Fi is possible. We have selected the best tolls including Ekahau and employ our own engineers and cabling team. We partner with the best enterprise solution companies and currently hold certifications to deploy and support these best-in-class technologies. Finally, our services team can offer a comprehensive selection of ongoing support programs.
What industry standard certifications do you have?
  • Cisco – ( CMSP ) Cloud & Managed Service Partner / Select Certified
  • CommScope – Ruckus Solution Provider / Ruckus Cloud Technology Specialist
  • Cambium – Connected Partner
What’s the difference between a WiFi desktop and onsite RF design survey?

A desktop RF survey is performed offsite using floorplans input into our Ekahau Pro software to estimate the AP locations based on customer requirements. This survey is best used to give an approximate number of AP’s for budgetary purposes.

An onsite RF design survey is performed at the customer premises using our Ekahau Pro software along with an AP ‘ on a stick ‘ . This method allows the engineer to accurately design your WiFi network by measuring the attenuation of the walls, local interference from both neighbouring WiFi networks and non-WiFi sources.

Do you guarantee your onsite RF design surveys?
Yes. Smart Wireless offer complete project lifecycle support from design right through to deployment and support. Smart Wireless offer structured cabling, installation, and deployment of hardware from leading vendors.
What geographical areas do you serve?
Yes, we guarantee the RF coverage of our onsite RF design surveys.
Do we offer structured cabling services?
Yes. We offer a 25-year warranty on all our structured cabling installations. This includes CAT5e, CAT6, CAT7/A and fibre optic deployments.
Do you deploy enterprise grade hardware?
Yes, we have partnerships with Cisco, Ruckus and Cambium to provide a complete range of enterprise grade hardware.
Can you support and deploy our entire network project?
Yes. Smart Wireless offer complete project lifecycle support from design right through to deployment and support. Smart Wireless offer structured cabling, installation, and deployment of hardware from leading vendors.
Do you offer support?
Yes, we offer various levels of support from help desk facilities to onsite resource.
What is WiFi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation standard in WiFi technology. WiFi 6 "802.11ax WiFi” builds and improves on the current 802.11ac WiFi standard.

The latest Wi-Fi standard offers faster data transfer speeds and critically provides greater better performance in congested areas.

Wi-Fi 6 accomplishes this through more efficient data encoding, resulting in higher throughput. Mainly, more data is packed into the same radio waves. The chips that encode and decode these signals keep getting more powerful and can handle the extra data load.

This new standard even increases speeds on the 2.4 GHz band. While the industry has shifted to 5GHz Wi-Fi for less interference, 2.4GHz is still better at penetrating solid objects.

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