Comms Room Rationalisation

Every company from the small to the large multinational requires a solid IT base and reliable connectivity.  No matter how clever the cloud back up or disaster recovery plan is there is no substitute for some fairly inexpensive measures to make the heart of the IT infrastructure much more resilient.

Many companies exist that have shocking IT infrastructures that can be quite easily and economically improved and upgraded.

We have carried out the rationalisation of comms rooms recently with very simple measures.

  • Survey of Electrical installation, ensuring correct loading for devices, balancing loads, ensuring the correct discrimination of safety devices.

  • UPS – Simple inexpensive local UPS units can be employed to smooth power and provide short term autonomy of supply.

  • Room integrity, is the room secure, fire stopped, are the incoming communication fibres etc protected.

  • Are all power outlets protected from tampering, cables tidied to avoid trip hazard and disconnection.

  • Is there basic adequate cooling, are precautions taken to avoid the cooling adding to your risks.

  • Alarms, leak detection, pre fire and fire detection, heat detection, power failure.


These are all simple steps that we can take on your behalf to help increase the resilience of your IT infrastructure, we can work with your IT team to help protect your business,  disaster recovery should be for just that, not a cleaner tripping over a cable and unplugging your main server cabs power supply, which we have seen happen

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