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From our base in Hertford, our team of fully trained engineers works across the UK in a range of markets, with satisfied clients in education, retail and the enterprise.


From the installation of a single Cat5e data cable to a state of the art Cat7A system, we will design a solution that optimises the budget to maximise the return on the investment. Our team work to guarantee we carry out installations on time and within budget.

Attention to detail

The offering goes beyond having exceptional fully trained engineers, with project managers in place to manage the deployment, irrespective of size.

With over 30 years of experience and a free initial consultation, why wouldn’t you engage with the Smart team of data cabling experts?

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Cabling Solutions

Optical Cabling

With LAN speeds now potentially exceeding 10 Gigabit, the choice of the correct fiber technology has never been more important. From an initial client meeting and site survey Smart will look at defining the correct fiber type; whether single mode, multi-mode, OM2, OM3 or OM4 etc.


As well as working inside the building Smart is able to offer a complete package for external fibers including all civil works. To ensure customer confidence, all installation are fully tested and covered by a manufacturers application based 25 year warranty.

Converged IP

Data networking is no longer defined purely in voice and data terms. Ethernet and IP have become the building blocks for technologies including access control, CCTV and auadio visual. With innovations occurring at such a rapid pace it is imperative that end users work with industry experts.


Smart has a history of successful deployments and continues to explore the market for emerging technologies in this space.

Fibre Optic Cabling

As cabling systems become larger and the need to transmit data at ever increasing rates becomes greater the case for fibre optic cabling becomes more relevant. Whether it is used as a vertical backbone or to link buildings across a campus, fibre optic cabling offers a modern, cost-effective solution.

Smart have the capability to carry out on-site terminations using fusion splicing or a variety of direct termination techniques (hot melt, cold cure/anaerobic, crimp, etc.).

Testing can be carried out using Power Light Meters or Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDRs) and test results are provided as part of the handover documentation along with vendor 25 year warranties.

Work with our cabling experts and get your system live with a 25 year guarantee

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