Air Marshal / WIPS

Air Marshal: Real time detection with customisable alarms

APs scan their environment in real-time and take preemptive action based on intuitive user-defined preferences. Attack profiles are organised into categories such as rogue SSIDs, AP spoofs, and packet floods, facilitating rapid classification and response by a network administrator.

Administrators may be immediately notified of potential wireless threats with highly customisable real time alerts. Alerts may be enabled for a variety of threat categories, and are delivered via email or SMS.

Dedicated Security Radio

Cisco Meraki APs feature a dedicated security radio, powering Air Marshal and enabling round-the-clock protection without interrupting client traffic. This third radio is dual-band, providing spectrum intelligence across 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies and full-time security protection from network vulnerabilities.

Intuitive and Flexible Remediation

Once identified, rogue APs can be contained through built-in techniques that deauthenticate clients and render the rogue AP ineffective. Flexible remediation policies makes it ideal for security-conscious distributed networks, and Air Marshal can also auto-contain APs spoofing your network’s SSID, ensuring your employees and customers are not lured into connecting to a malicious rogue device.

Cloud Managed Wireless LAN

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